We have an announcement!

Adam and I have decided to really dive into building our media business! We've low key been running all sorts of projects in the background and we are in a season of being really excited to invest more time and energy in the things we truly want. With this being said we have shifted gears to spending more time at home, drinking coffee together and making a hot breakfast. Homeschooling our children more on their own schedule. We alternate "office" and "editing" times and I can honestly say I freaking love it. Adam gets to fill his calendar with fly fishing guides and I have a few shifts as I want at an incredible coffee shop in Mooresville. We are pursuing our passions together and it's been really beautiful for our family.

What do we do you ask?

Social Media Management, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Website Design, Shopify integration, Marketing consulting, Campaign management, Email marketing, Content Design, Photography, Videography, Branding, and I'm sure in another six months we'll have figured out another aspect of small business we're passionate about! One of my favorite things to tell potential clients, or let's be honest, new friends... is that in our entire marriage Adam and I have depended on an array of small businesses for our collective income. We LOVE the details, we love seeing small businesses THRIVE and we truly understand budgets and needs and desires and wants. We enjoy coming up with ideas and plans to implement changes that will result in real growth!

We have a specific website coming so stay posted!