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Sold Out Show

This was a dream. It's always been a dream to shoot a live show, sold out show, iconic venue, music I naturally listen to and then add freakin Judah and the Lion in there and it was like God was saying, here, I told you I will fill the desires of your heart. Ashes and Arrows out of Asheville, NC invited me to come shoot their slot opening for Judah and it was really such an honor. I can't remember the last time I was on the road past 1 am but it was well worth it. It came with challenges for sure, but after this past season of skipped on opportunities and glanced over projects I decided I need to make my own moves. I have a bucket list of things I want to photograph before I am in a wheelchair and God willing I will accomplish that with motivation stirred. I learned a ton and may have decided I'm going to photograph concerts forever now. hahaaa. Thanks for hanging out with me in this wild weird journey!