Small Film

The film side of my business was launched in 2019. The process of bringing meaning to motion is something I have truly loved doing. Being a woman in the filmmaking industry is kind of tricky... because there aren't many! Digging in to learn and grow in this avenue has been such a blast for me! Videos have been proven to receive more engagement and could be a game-changer for your business! Videos also hold a sense of time travel when you find something from years ago. Family films are the next big thing! Let's chat and learn how we can come up with something creative!

Behind The Scenes

This project was such a good time. Honestly, I was indeed working but had so much fun. This an example of one of the longer videos I have had the opportunity to create. My client wanted to show the process and explain a little bit about what goes into a Branding session.


If you've made it this deep in my site, you know Birth is a passion. Birth is beautiful and I am so honored each time I am allowed to document these sweet life changes. I approach each birth as it's portrayed. This momma had little light and so the video looks as such. Getting these seconds are so important!

Momma and Me

A beautiful alternative to momma and me photo sessions. These are prime and perfect for savoring the way that sweet baby walks as they're just getting used to gravity. The video captures the sweet snuggles while all your babies can still fit in your lap. The way your oldest says "Momma please" or their favorite toy of the season. These are seconds to be treasured.

Seasonal product highlights

Live Look Book


Let's connect and see how we can get creative together! I love bringing meaning to motion and believe the investment towards video production will prove to be fruitful!

Small Films begin at $450